Rules and guidelines:

  • To join the server, you have to be on the whitelist.
  • To be considered for the whitelist, sign this form.
  • You need to have been a member of the Discord server for at least a week, AND remain a member while playing on the server. If you leave the Discord server, you will be removed from the whitelist.
  • If you break any of the rules listed in the server, you will be banned.
  • You have to have a legal copy of the game, a cracked launcher will not work.

Instructions on joining the server:

The server address is mc.kml.rocks. To join the server, enter it into Minecraft like this:


If you want to help Puck out with his server, consider joining his Patreon.


Make sure you have downgraded to whichever version it says in the #mineral topic, you will not be able to play otherwise. This can be done in the Minecraft launcher’s Launch Options.